Wireless Signal Tower

If you’re looking for an efficient and easy way to improve your manufacturing process, consider using signal tower light.

As we can see, the signal tower light comprises light columns in different colours. In the event of a quality problem or fault, the operator can directly signal an anomaly. which will trigger the light and create an alert directly.

First, let’s check below link to learn about ONN tower light.

ONN Signal Tower Lights

Showroom for all kinds of stack tower lights

Second, ONN tower lights with model M4 series, M4S, M4Y, M4C, M4B. M4F, M4H for your options. and there are single layer and multi-layers to meet your requirements.

Besides, Andon Lights, Stack lights and Tower Lights are common names for color LED status lights. These are for material, maintenance and operator assistance needed call lights. These lights show steady or flashing states to give instant notification of a problem on the line or in the workstation.

In conclusion, LED stacklights are a low cost and effective tool for real-time visual factory and lean manufacturing. LED andon lights are essential for workplace productivity improvement.

As a 17-years supplier of led tower lights, ONN can be a reliable partner of machine tool. If you do not see an tower lights product that fits your application requirement, please contact us for a custom quote.

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