LED Machine Tool Light – M9T

M9T is an extremely flat machine luminaire family with several length variants. M9T is ideal for many lighting tasks – whether you require light dispersed over a large area or focused lighting

  • Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Strong high-power LEDs for maximum light
  • Robust aluminium housing with solid safety glass screen
  • High degree of protection
  • Chemically resistant to many media such as oils or cooling lubricants
  • Ideal for high mechanical and thermal stress
  • Direct connection to machine voltage
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Product details

Product details

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① Voltage
1 5500-6000K
2 4000-4500K
③ Length
280(S) 280MM
380(S) 380MM
480(S) 480mm
580(S) 580MM
④ Wattage
7W 7W
12W 12W
16W 16W
20W 20W

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