IP67 Oilproof LED Tube For CNC Machine – M9

M9 is the quintessence of hundreds of thou -sands of ONN machine luminaires that are being used day by day in the entire world in rough environments: They have provided the specifications for the highly developed and robust M9. The efficient and maintenance-free LED technology, clever lighting technology and extremely robust housing in the attractive design make M9 the first choice for lighting engineering of machines and production facilities.

  • Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Different length
  • Bright
  • Strong house
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Spec. & Drawing

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① Voltage
C AC 100-240V
1 5500-6000K
2 4000-4500K
3 3000-3500K
③ Length
300(S) 300MM
400(S) 400MM
600(S) 600mm
800(S) 800MM
④ Wattage
7W 7W
12W 12W
16W 16W
20W 20W

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