Dia.50mm LED tower light – ONN-M4B

  1. Hemisphericdesign, elegant appearance.
  2. Aluminum body with PC cover makes it sturdyand durable.
  3. Three colors on a single layer, easy to distinguish different signals.
  4. Easy to install.
  5. M12 connector wiring is optional.
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Structural Drawing

Order Info

① Voltage
B DC 24V
② Functions
B Steady (IP65)
F Steady with buzzer (IP30)
S Red flash (IP65)
C Red flash with buzzer  (IP30)
D All flash (IP65)
E All flash with buzzer  (IP30)
③Connect type
C Contact type
④ Color
RYG Red, Yellow, Green
⑤ Diameter
50 50mm

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