Waterproof Spot Light – M3WLX

Waterproof Spot Light Suitable for Machine interior lighting,the places which need local accent lighting such as carved machine,sparks machine, CNC machine . Workbench lighting, laser machinery, ceramic machinery and equipment, medical equipment, automated .

  • Anodized aluminum housing against heat, wear, IP65 .
  • Robust, resistant to any water, coolant and lubricants .
  • Fixed under floor or work table .
  • 4.5w, cri>75. 24v/220v dc/ac available .
  • 0.75 cable, can custom plug .
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① Voltage
C AC 220V
1 5500-6000K
2 4000-4500K
3 3000-3500K
③ Power
6 6W

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