WiFi 4G Wireless Andon Box with Signal Tower Lights L1+Box

WiFi 4G Wireless Andon Box with Signal Tower Lights L1+Box

Hardware implementation principle of andon light


Connect to the system server wirelessly

  • The Andon box wirelessly connects to the server
  • The server directly sends commands to control terminal lights
  • Mobile phones, computers, and TV terminals receive and access system information and notifications
  • It is currently available on various Android and IOS devices
  • A box with one code; A light wth one code; Free binding use, replacement is also convenient

Simple installation, plug and play – Free of wiring trouble

  • Strong magnet + universal thread base design, fixed firmly
  • Supports multi-angle installation and applies to various application scenarios
  • Power on means networking. No network configuration is required
  • Wire terminal design, easy to replace and maintain

Wireless smart button box – Applicable to all kinds of production sites

  • Five-color design to meet most Andon requirements
  • Reserved prompt label bits can be defined as identifiers
  • Signal tower light Indicates the indicator status and data transmission status
  • Direct magnetic fixation, no fear of any Angle
  • Moderate size, does not take up space, easy to operate

Andon system refers to an information management tool that enterprises use the lighting and sound alarm systems distributed throughout the workshop to collect information about equipment and quality on the production line.

LightMES launched the 4th generation of intelligent security lighting system and supporting hardware and software, no wiring, with the Internet of things Luo, 5 minutes to complete the deployment, powerful.

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