Shenzhen ONN Semi-conductor Lighting Co., LTD. established in 2010 and located in Shenzhen, as a National high-tech enterprise, we design, manufacture and supply L E D Machine Light, Signal Tower Light and L E D Freezer Light to global industrial customers.

ONN Lighting has a complete range of professional equipment for production, testing and research and development, and we have 6 U shape production lines, 13 workbenches, 2 automated S M T Lines and 1 automation line. Each line equipped LightMES system, we can manage, monitor and trace the status of production on MES Screen and Smartphone. With very strong and flexible production capacity, we can produce average 3500pcs lamps and 160 orders per day.

ONN Lighting also has very strict quality control system from incoming materials to finished products, and we have got the Certificate of Quality Management System I S O 9 0 0 1. And we also have strict test processes, such as airtight test, salt spray test, aging test and integrating sphere test.

ONN Lighting has got certification of T U V, C E, RoHS, F C C, C C C, E R P and obtained 252 patents. Our team has rich experience for customized projects, and support O E M and O D M service,

After 12 years of development, ONN Lighting has become the international well-known manufacturer of led machine tool work lamp segment.
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Since 2002, after seven times of entrepreneurship, ONN Lighting has developed into the invisible champion of the domestic “machine tool working light” and “warning light” market segment.

In 2017, we will set out again with partners from IBM and Tencent to establish “LightMES” and “aspire to become the most valuable industrial Internet enterprise in China 2025”.

Now we are struggling and enjoying the process. Integrity, responsibility, cooperation, win-win! Doing good deeds without asking for reward. Faith in truth, goodness and beauty will shine forever! Enjoy the struggle, struggle is a habit. I am Frank, grateful to meet!

Frank Zheng

Founder & CEO of ONN Lighting & LightMES
Foxconn Manufacturing Expert
EMBA from Tsinghua University
EMBA from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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