Clean Room Panel Light – P4P

1.This products is using aluminum alloy frame, grilled white paint surface. It is simple, beautiful, PMMA Light Guide Plates, high light transmittance (90-95%), good bright, light uniformity, close to natural light, comfortable and bright, soft and non-glare.

2.Using good 2835 LED, good heating, higher brightness illumination surface, LiFud driver, High PF, CE requirements, stable and reliable performance.

3.This light is stable light source, no flicker, eliminating glare, sublimation visual effects.

4.Fast start, good heating, easy installation, green, safe and reliable.

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Ip rating: IP50

Lumen efficiency: 80Lm/W

Driver: Isolation type

Life time: 50000hours

Working temperature: -20~45degrees

Beam angle: 160 degrees


Power factor>0.9

Structural Drawing

Order Info

① Voltage
C 220V(50 / 60Hz)
1 6000-6500K
2 4000-4500K
3 2800-3200K
③ Size
300*600 300*600mm
600*600 600*600mm
300*1200 300*1200mm
④ Power
20 20W
40 40W

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