USB signal tower with RGB LEDs ONN-M4T-USB

USB signal tower with multi-tiered and RGB LEDs ONN-M4T-USB

ONN USB series signal tower is powered and simultaneously controlled by the USB interface. The USB interface ensures easy retrofitting and integration into the existing manufacturing plant and allows sending an error message without the use of a PLC. Controlling is possible via a PC or HMI. Due to the free software CH341, the signal image can always be reprogrammed.

USB signal tower ONN-M4T-USB

  • Preconfigured with RGB LEDs capable to generate up to 7 colors (green, blue, red, cyan, yellow, magenta and white)
  • Provide Logo customized service
  • Built-in buzzer, volume max 85dB.
  • Imported multi color led chips, high bright, high quanlity and long life time.
  • Double lampshae, tri color in one layers, deliate and practical.

Once the serial port is created, connect to it over 9600 baud and send command codes to turn on and off the red, yellow and green LEDs and enable/disable the buzzer. There’s also a blink command, so you don’t have to continuously turn on/off the LED to have a pulsing/blinking effect.

More details about USB signal tower, please check the link video for USB signal tower light

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Product details

Structural Drawing

Order Info

① Mumber of Layers
1 one layer
② Mounting options
A Foldable
C.  Pole plate
E L shape bracket
③ Voltage
B DC 24V
C 110~220VAC
④ Functions
B Steady
F Steady with buzzer
S Red flash
C Red flash with buzzer
D All flash
E All flash with buzzer
⑤Connect type
C Contact type
⑥ LED color
R Red
G Green
B Blue
50 50mm

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