Linear machine light is a fixture used to illuminate manual machine tools and automatic machines, known also as CNC. Machine lights must meet very specific criteria that depend on the machine. Sometimes they have to operate under high temperatures, under strong vibration, high pressure, or even sometimes under all these conditions combined. Therefore, these lights must adopt the best materials and technology in order to resist all those conditions.


In ONN we use only top-quality materials so that our linear machine light meet even the strictest criteria for any type of machining application such as EDM, lathe, drilling, milling, grinding, aerospace machining, and industrial automation. They are all designed and engineered to be robust, reliable, and energy-efficient, as well as resisting extreme conditions and protected against corrosion.

You will love these CNC work lights- large, bright, and coolant-proof. Replace your broken, outdated, and dirty OEM industrial machinery lighting on your CNC lathes, milling machines, or any other machine tool application.

Besides, you can install these lights directly on any flat surface using the built-in brackets. The lights can swivel up or down 180 degrees on the mounting brackets.

More cnc led work light, you can check the video link: M9 seires

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