Modular Signal Tower Light with DIP Switch Function ONN-M4F

Modular Signal Tower Light with DIP Switch Function ONN-M4F

  1. Modular design, user can add or remove modules freely.
  2. Lighting mode and buzzer mode can be changed by user. Flash light, steady light, buzzer off, full volume buzzer, low volume buzzer can be implemented by DIP switch.
  3. Three kinds of bases are available, easy to install.
  4. DC12V, DC24V, AC100-240V are optional, and modules are universal for all models.
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1.Layer 1: Single layer, 2.Two layers, 3.Three layers,    4. Four layers, 5 Five layers
2. Mounting type A: Foldable type, C: Pole and plate E: L bracket
3. Input voltage A: AC/DC12V(contact type only), B: DC24V,                   C: AC100-240V(contact type only)
4.Connect type C: Contact type,  T: PNP& NPN
5. Color R: Red, Y: Yellow, G:Green, B:Blue, W:White
6. Diameter 60: φ60mm, 70 φ70mm

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