Led Tower Indicator Light – M4T

Led Tower Indicator Light – M4T

ONN-M4T LED Tower Indicator Light is classic version from ONN, simpler and generous design, which is more popupar with customers.

Feature of Led Tower Indicator Light – M4T

  1. Provide logo customized service.
  2. Built-in buzzer, volume max 85dB.
  3. Imported multi color led chips, high bright, high quanlity and long life time.
  4. Double lampshae, tri color in one layers, deliate and practical.

More details, please check the video link: led stack light ONN-M4T


Application: automated assembly line, automation equipment, security equipment, led encapsulation equipment, alarm system, SMT equipment, cnc machine tool, engraving machine, lathe, milling machine.

In conclusion, LED stacklights are a low cost and effective tool for real-time visual factory and lean manufacturing. LED andon lights are essential for workplace productivity improvement.

As a 17-years supplier of led tower lights, ONN can be a reliable partner of machine tool. If you do not see an tower lights product that fits your application requirement, please contact us for a custom quote.

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Product details

Spec.& Drawing


① Mumber of Layers
1 one layer
② Mounting options
A Foldable
C.  Pole plate
E L shape bracket
③ Voltage
B DC 24V
C 110~220VAC
④ Functions
B Steady
F Steady with buzzer
S Red flash
C Red flash with buzzer
D All flash
E All flash with buzzer
⑤Connect type
C Contact type
⑥ LED color
R Red
Y Yellow
G Green
50 50mm

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