Linear Warning Light – X2M

X2M is a new linear warning light for machine. It is new products. It can let machine with both beautiful and warning function in the same time.

  • Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Multi-color in same level
  • Custom length
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Voltage: 12V / 24 / 100-220V
Voltage type: AC/DC
Level: 1 level
Color: Red yellow green or custom
Length: Custom
Signal effect: LED permanent
Protection rating: IP53
Connection: Directly to the power
Housing material: ABS
Service life: 50000H


Order info

① Voltage
B4 24V
② Length
778 778mm
994 994mm
1032 1032mm
1210 1210mm
1630 1630mm
1750 1750mm
2074 2074mm
③ Color
R red
Y yellow
G green
B blue
P pink

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