Refrigerator Light Led Rigid Strip Light ONN-X1A

X1A V shape led rigid strip are mostly used in coolers, freezers, vertical freezers, cake cabinet, refrigerator interior lighting,  display stand.


  • Input DC12V, DC24V ,  more safe
  • Aluminum housing, good heat dissipation, long life time
  • End cap is universal for left and right, easy installation, length flexible
  • No flicker, no noisy, environmental friendly, no pollution and hazardous substances
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Product details

Spec & Drawing

Order Info

1. Voltage

A AC / DC 12V

2. Color temperature(CCT)

1 6000-6500K
2 4000-4500K
3 2800-3200K

3. Length

600 600mm
900 900mm
1200 1200mm
1500 1500mm


6.5 6.5w
9.5 9.5w
12 12w
14 14w

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