24V/220V Flexible LED Gooseneck Light with Magnetic Base ONN-M3M

24V/220V Flexible LED Gooseneck Light with Magnetic Base ONN-M3M

magnetic gooseneck led light is designed for industrial lighting, flexible metal hose, it is easy to control the lighing direction; narrow bean angle, it is good for precision work, the most important feature is that it with switch on magnetic base to control on/off magnet, it is very convinient to fix and move.

1.Anodized aluminum housing against heat, wear, waterproof.
2.Robust, resistant to any water, coolant and lubricants.
3.Strong Magnet base for installation.
Free maintenance for 5.7 years. 50000hours life time.
4.Flexible gooseneck arm provide accuray and flexible lighting positioning.
5. 4.5w, cri>75. 24v/220v dc/ac available.
6. 0.75 cable, not plug fitted.
7. High power 1-3w led.
8. flexible gooseneck length is customized.

Application: engraving machine, EDM, CNC machine and lighting for other machine tools

You can also check the details through the video link: magnetic gooseneck led light ONN-M3M

ONN’s flexible machine work luminaires have traditionally been a reliable component of the machine tool industry. Designed and constructed to resist coolants, lubricants, and flying debris present inside machines, and they are easily to adjust the lighting direction and make better precision work.

If you want to know more about ONN flexible led work light, please chekc the video link: ONN Flexible led work lamp

As a 17-years professional supplier of led machine tool work lamp, ONN Lighting carries multiple sizes and work light models of aluminum and stainless steel construction, including warning lights, to fit your specific machine.

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① Voltage
C AC110~220V(50 / 60Hz)
1 6000-6500K
2 4000-4500K
3 2800-3200K
③ Power
4.5 4.5W

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