Machine Work Lamp – M1S

Machine work lamp can help you work more efficiently, productively and comfortably. Our work lighting comes in a range of styles to suit your work environment with small lamp size for limited space area.
Suitable for working illumination of various CNC Machine Lathe and Milling Machine tools.
Machine work lamp has advanced circuitry to produce a natural bright light that is easy on the eyes and reproduces colors as they truly are. LEDs are the most efficient and lowest cost to operate lighting available.
Using new illuminant source and high luminance efficiency with different advantages such as:

  • Bright
  • Flexible
  • High system of protection
  • Aluminum housing, robust, IP65 protection.
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Structural Drawing

Order Info

① Voltage
C AC110~220V(50 / 60Hz)
1 6000-6500K
2 4000-4500K
3 2800-3200K
③ Power
9 9W

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