Led Lighting Refrigerator – X3Q

Led lighting refrigerator linear light model ONN-X3Q series waterproof led lighting, IP65 Refrigerator light, refrigerator door lamp, led fresh meat light, cooler door light, led freezer light, led linear light, cabinet light, walk-in cooler lamp, led rigid bar.

  • Bright Led ( Left / Right )
  • Custom length
  • Integrated Clear PC tube
  • High system of protection IP65
  • IP67 waterproof connector
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Product details

Spec & Drawing

Order Info

① Voltage
C AC 200-240V
1 5500-6000K
2 4000-4500K
3 3000-3500K
③ Length
600 603mm
900 901mm
1200 1203mm
1500 1748mm
④ Power
6.5 6.5W
9.5 9W
12 12W
14 18W

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