New signal tower light-M4D

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce product -New signal tower light-M4D.


During the research and development, we did customer surveys, 19 detailed processing, and finally selected the product we presented.


Feature: 1.New signal tower light-M4D adapts PC lampshade +ABS base, simple structure, generous, exquisite appearance, durable anti-aging, good light transmittance.

2.2835 patch, high brightness, large Angle, low thermal resistance, ultra-low light decay process, ultra-long life.

3.Red, yellow,green,blue and white are available,choose any 2colors with red color,volume>85 dB.

4. Screw installation, easy installation, simple and firm.


Signal tower light and LED machine work light also  can learn it.

New signal tower light M4D suitable for factory workshop, guard box, mechanical equipment, warehouse and other places of application.


More details please contact:     WhatsApp:+86 181 6931 0659