M4S signal tower light updated to be M4S-A(B)

Under normal circumstances, the warning lights are installed on the top of the equipment. Many customers want to fold the warning lights at the top when packing the machine or transporting the machine, which saves a lot of space and saves freight and packaging materials. We have developed the M4S foldable signal tower light, which consists of an aluminum alloy body and a PC cover, which is very beautiful and durable. Customers really like it.
However, some customers have requirements for the folding direction of M4S warning light. The folding direction of the previous M4S cannot satisfy some application scenarios. So, we updated the M4S and got the M4S-A(B). The base of the M4S-A(B) consists of two main components. The two components are rotatable, so the clever design can make the warning light meet all folding direction.

If you want to know more specific circumstances, please contact us: onn016@onnled.com
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