How to identify quality of LED lights

Nowadays, there are many LED lamp manufacturers on the market, and different types, different prices and different quality LED lights are flooding the market. How to identify the quality of LED lights is very important to buyers and users. Check the quality of LED lights from following three aspects.
1.LED chips
LED chips are the core of LED lights, and LEDs are short for “Light Emitting Diode”. When detecting the quality of LED chips, the chip and package will affect the life of the LED. The average person does not have professional equipment and cannot identify the quality of the LED chips. Therefore, when choosing LED chips, the LED chips of the big brands are selected.

2. LED driver
At present, the LED chip technology has been relatively mature, and there is little phenomenon that the lamp bead burns out or suddenly does not light up. Moreover, the life of the lamp bead is generally more than 50,000 hours. In comparison, the average life of the LED power supply on the market is lower than this value. So LED power is critical to LED luminaires.
LED power supply is generally divided into two kinds of isolated power supply and non-isolated power supply, power circuit design, the quality of electronic components on the power supply, and the production process will affect the life of the LED power supply. When choosing LED power supply, you can choose a big brand, or a proven solution and manufacturer with market validation.

3. Thermal design
Some LED lamps use large brands of power and LED lamp beads, but after a period of time, the light failure is severe, and even the blackening of the lamp beads. This is because the heat dissipation of the luminaire design is not designed. There are many luminaire manufacturers who will cut corners on the material in order to reduce the price. The temperature on the LED lamp bead can meet the requirements of the lamp bead at room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, but there is no Do high temperature test, poor heat dissipation, test under 40 degrees, the temperature on the LED lamp be overloaded.
Of course, the process also has an effect on heat dissipation. There are some manufacturers whose operation is not standardized. The lamp board and the heat dissipating surface are not properly attached, and even the thermal grease is not coated, so that the heat cannot be dissipated from the lamp bead, resulting in the temperature of the LED lamp bead. Too high, light decay is severe, and even turn black.


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