Baoan TV station interviewed Shenzhen ONN

On December 10, our company, as an excellent brand in the machine tool lamp industry, was interviewed by Baoan TV. The company’s CEO Frank zheng described the company’s development history and the company’s transformation from an ordinary assembly factory to a digital factory. Expressed confidence in the vigorous development of China’s digital production.

Shenzhen ONN has been focusing on the field of machine tool lamps for more than 10 years, and is in a leading position in the machine tool lamp industry, providing thousands of customers with high-quality and affordable products. Well received by the majority of machine tool manufacturers and end users. The company introduced the LightMES digital factory management model, which greatly improved the company’s production efficiency. The production progress is monitored in real time, and the delivery cycle is greatly reduced. The company will continue to innovate to provide new and old customers with better services and machine tool lights.

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